It takes a large, talented, dedicated team to do what we do. Our Culture, Health, and Environment Lab (CHELab) on the Tempe campus is where we come together to push forward an array of collaborative research projects. The core CHELab team includes: biocultural anthropologist Alexandra Brewis, cultural anthropologist Amber Wutich, linguistic anthropologist Cindi SturtzSreetharan, and educational anthropologist Alissa Ruth. Our shared philosophy is one of a rising tide that can lift all boats. The more we collaborative thoughtfully, efficiently, and generously, the more we all succeed.

We hold each other to the highest standards, innovate our approaches constantly, value what everyone brings to the table, and model work-life balance. We welcome scholars, postdocs, and students from any field to get involved in any of our ongoing projects. Contact any of us to find our how.

The CHELab is also all about student training in rigorous, cutting-edge ethnographic research methods. Our PhD students become research methods experts. Up to 30 undergraduates join the lab during semesters as research apprentices, gaining data management and analysis skills. Many more work with us in the field or in practicum courses learning about social science data collection by doing. We train students for the jobs they want – whether in academia, the non-profit world, industry — basically, wherever the individual can best make their impact in the world. Our students at all levels get really great jobs, in part because they have research skills that are valued, because they have experience in productive forms of collaboration, and because we believe that CHELab succeeds when our students succeed.

Some of the core CHELab team in 2019 (from left): Current PhD student Anais Roque, Cindi, Amber, Alex, recent Fulbright visiting fellow Neetu Choudhary, former post-doc Roseanne Schuster (now faculty at ASU), former postdoc/PhD student Melissa Beresford (now faculty at San Jose State), CGH coordinator Charisse Jennas.
Fall 2019 CHELab undergrad meet and greet
  • Qualitative analysis retreat
  • Former student lab members Drew Blasco (now doing a PhD at NYU) and Meg DuBray (now faculty at Augustana College) presenting GES findings
  • Alex, Neetu Choudhary, Alissa Ruth at the IAPA annual fundraising dinner (our students intern in Chennai with IAPA each summer)
  • Alissa and lab-friend Russ Bernard at the annual student poster competition
  • Data collection team ready to start surveying
  • ASU homecoming outreach
  • Students doing outreach on child nutrition at the local library
  • Lab group 2016
  • Lab meeting (the old lab, we have moved)
  • Amber and Alex with McKenzie Cotlow (center), first ever Global Health UG degree graduate in the US, 2008
  • Piloting data collection on the ASU mall
  • Former PhD student Melissa Beresford (now faculty at San Jose State) on her big day
  • Student Olivia Runes presenting lab team research
  • Outreach with pre-schoolers
  • Lab member Paula Kibuka Musoke completes her honors thesis (Alex, Amber, Paula, Roseanne)
  • Lab member Anais Roque (center) passes her MA
  • PhD!
  • Lab members PhD student Charlayne Mitchell and undergrad Sara Rodriguez enjoying their awards
  • End of year white elephant luncheon
  • GIC visits USAID HQ in DC (Roseanne Schuster, Alex, Peggy Ochandarena)
  • Another award for Amber
  • More awards – Charlayne, Meski, awardee Amber, Christine, Rhian
  • CHEL on the road (Alex, Cindi, former postdoc Seung YongHan – now faculty at ASU)
  • HWISE team in DC (Amber and Alex on left)
  • Hiding out in the ASU secret garden (Amber , Cindi, Alex, collaborator Jessica Hardin, and former postdoc Sarah Trainer now faculty at Seattle U)
  • Celebrating work-life balance
  • Celebrating life transitions
  • Dr Meredith Gartin, inaugural CHEL lab PhD, and the first global health PhD at ASU (now faculty at U Alabama)
  • Roseanne and Alex (right) in DC with HWISE and policy makers
  • Writing retreat