I love to share what our team is up to, thinking about, and getting going through research talks and in helping with expertise for media. I also do consulting and lead expert workshops on stigma reduction, research design, and social science innovations for monitoring/evaluation.

SOME COMMON EXPERT MEDIA INTERVIEW TOPICS : Stigma, Global Obesity, Water Insecurity, Instructional Innovation (online)

NYTimes reporting on our seminal work on weight stigma, 2011

NYTimes commentary on height, 2011

NYTimes reference to our 1990s work on cross-cultural work on marital sex, 2017

NYTimes on fat shaming, 2017

NY Times on COVID and masks, 2020

CURRENT RESEARCH TALKS – Things I have mostly ready to go

Lazy, Crazy, Disgusting: Stigma and the Undoing of Global Health.

Water Insecurity and Food Security: A Global Perspective on What Matters Most for Well-being

Big Bodies/Small World: Fat Stigma as an Emerging Global Challenge


Innovation in online teaching, Durham University, UK

Cultural methods for development project monitoring, USAID, Washington DC

Baseline international development project monitoring using anthropological tools, USAID, Haiti, West Bank, Mozambique, and Zambia.

Recognizing and challenging stigma. Western Public Health Training Center, CDC

Filming with Vox Media, 2022
Speaking on global fat stigma at Korean Women’s Development Institute, with Cindi SturtzSreetharan
At Future Tense, Washington DC