Over many years, university strategy (especially growth and transformation) has long been part of my admin portfolio. Campus administration can be both incredibly challenging and highly impactful, which is why I have taken on a range of roles over the years. After joining ASU in 2006, I founded the Center for Global Health and continue to support it as Founding Director. One of my first efforts in the role of new Director was to design and launch what was to be the country's first (and still largest) undergraduate program in global health.

One of my favorite prior university leadership roles was directing the incredible School of Human Evolution and Social Change (SHESC) for some eight years. It was an amazing administrative ride, through massive recession-related budget cuts that spurred entrepreneurial innovation and included rolling out multiple new on campus and online degrees; it ended with Anthropology at ASU being ranked #1 in the US for both research scale (NSF HERD) and faculty productivity (CWUR) even as our number of majors simultaneously doubled.

I also served as ASU's Associate Vice President for Social Science for four years, another period of exciting growth in otherwise uncertain times that took the university's NSF HERD national ranking in social science from #15 to #4.

Most recently, I have been focused on administrative leadership beyond campus, through supporting international organizations and activities. Currently I am  growing into a new role as a Senior Editor for Social Science and Medicine (SSM).  This is a fabulously international and well-regarded journal that publishes material relevant to any aspect of health from a wide range of social science disciplines (anthropology, economics, epidemiology, geography, policy, psychology, and sociology), or work relevant to the social sciences from any of the professions concerned with physical and mental health, health care, clinical practice, and health policy and organization.

Also recently served as President of the Human Biology Association, an amazing international scholarly society with a commitment to supporting diverse emerging human biologists from across the globe.