My current cv is available here via my ASU public profile. 

I am a President's Professor at Arizona State University. Much of my research is focused on how culture shapes physical and mental health. Currently my work coaleses around three primary topics: obesity/weight gain, water insecurity, and stigma.

I began doing long-term field research in the Pacific islands -- Polynesia and Micronesia -- in the late 1980s. Since then, wider collaboration has allowed my program of research to expand to other parts of the globe, including Ethiopia, Haiti, Mexico, and the US. Trained as I am in cultural anthropology, biological anthropology, and demography, my research tends to be cross-cutting, employs a wide array of both methods and theory. I work with different collaborators from many different countries and fields, none more so than fellow ASU anthropologist Amber Wutich.

I also have a history in university leadership, and my favorite administrative challenge is strategic growth and change in complex institutional environments. After joining ASU in 2006, I founded the Center for Global Health and launched the country's first (and still largest) undergraduate program in global health. I then directed the new School of Human Evolution and Social Change for some eight years. It was an amazing ride, through massive recession-related budget cuts and rolling out multiple new on campus and online degrees, and ended with Anthropology at ASU being ranked #1 in the US for both research scale and productivity. I also served as ASU's Vice President for Social Science for four years, in a period of  exciting growth when our NSF HERD national ranking in that area went from #15 to #4.

In 2017 I was ready for new challenges, and shifted into a more traditional faculty role at ASU.  I love ASU, because of the think-big approach to research and the absolute committment to educational access for all.

You can find a full detailed biography at the bottom of my cv. Short version: I was born in New Zealand, did my PhD at University of Arizona, a postdoc at Brown University, and previously taught at both University of Auckland and University of Georgia. I have written five books, and well over 100 academic articles.

By the way, I write as and go professionally by Alexandra Brewis. My legal name per ASU HR is Alexandra Slade. Techno-bureaucracy means my name turns up variously in different systems as Brewis, Brewis Slade (no hyphen), Brewis-Slade, and Slade. I answer to them all.